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Fresh & Organic Saatvik Food

Resonating with the spiritual ambience and pious concept of True Space Retreats, the Saatvik meals are crafted to provide holistic and nourishing meals for the heart and soul. Savour a pure, natural, vital, clean, simple and wholesome blessed meals.

Please note this is a Peaceful & Quiet Spiritual Premise (Temple Complex adjoining) and therefore strictly no alcohol, non-veg, drugs etc allowed. There are fixed meal timings with no room service and we would be grateful if you respect the space so that we can keep offering this accommodation to you and others for future yoga/meditation/spiritual retreats.


Meal Timings

Please contact the front desk at True Space Retreats for timings for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Since this is a spiritual centre there are fixed meal timings. Meals will be served in the dining hall.Thank you for your understanding.