Our Story

Protima Rodrigues - Founder


Protima discovered Ashtanga Yoga in early 2015 in a chance last-minute plan to go to a Himalayan Ashtanga Yoga retreat. She connected with the practice deeply and fell in love with it. The practice in tandem with the guidance of her teachers In Mumbai, has helped her heal and connected her to her true self.

Through the course of the journey of the practice, as she went through her personal and professional transformation, she would travel to study from India (ironic as it sounds!) with teachers as far as Boulder & Toronto. The lessons on the mat and the mindfulness aspect of Ashtanga Yoga are those that bring her back to it everyday.

Truth, Transparency and Trust are what is at the core of her being. True Bay India stands for these principles. True Bay India is the first company in India to focus on Premium Ashtanga Yoga Workshops & Retreats with the purpose of making Ashtanga Yoga & its Teachers more accessible to students in India. True Bay India is actively working with teachers and students in building this Sangha (community) in India.

Protima quit her job in Private Equity as a Vice President after close to 15 years in the corporate financial world and started True Bay India in 2018. She is based in Mumbai, India.

Protima loves travel, hiking, making super food smoothie bowls, binge watching Netflix, reading and misses her years of growing up in the tea gardens of Darjeeling